Tirol Bergsee

Tirol Milch

Genuinely good.

Tyrol and milk have always been inseparably linked.

Customer satisfaction, naturalness of the products and shortest possible transport routes are our basic principles. Modern in ideas and processing, as well as traditionally anchored in the craft characterize our daily work.


What makes our dairy products so special

We owe the high quality to our farmers and their happy cows. The award-winning taste is the result of our employees' years of experience.

We can proudly say that we are manufacturers of the most popular dairy products in Austria. To ensure that this continues to be the case in the future, we maintain long-term partnerships with Tirol Milch farmers, and ensure that our dairy cows are treated fairly and appropriately. Get to know the large selection of Tirol Milch dairy products and find your new favorite on the cooling shelf!

Lebensmittel sind kostbar

Milk from Tirol Milch

Our milk is wonderfully full of flavor and tastes great both when drunk straight and in delicious recipes. Guaranteed without genetic engineering and 100% from the best mountain farmer's milk, Tirol Milch is probably the best milk in Austria. We have a large selection of products for cooking and baking that are used in the kitchen.

Tiroler Spezialistenplatte

Cheese from Tirol Milch

Our diverse range of cheeses not only tastes good to us, but also to our customers. Why? Because there is something for every taste. From fine-mild to tasty-spicy, the large selection at Tirol Milch makes every cheese heart beat faster. Try our assortment and let us convince you of the quality and aroma.


Fruity temptations from Tirol Milch

High-quality ingredients in harmony with fresh-fruity taste define enjoyment that only Tirol Milch knows. From milk drinks to yoghurts, Tirol Milch offers connoisseurs products to fall in love with. Our yoghurt with fruit is not just a snack that invites you to enjoy and wander around, it is also the perfect basis for delicious recipes. Wonderfully creamy, wonderfully fresh.