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09.12.2015 | Awards for best cheese products - World Cheese Awards 2015 -16

The World Cheese Awards (WCA) recognises the world's best cheese products. The biggest cheese competition of its kind, held in Birmingham, UK, at the end of November, attracted a record number of entries. Some 2,700 cheese samples from 30 countries were assessed by the international panel of judges, consisting of more than 240 experts from 30 different nations. Berglandmilch won gold and silver for Tirol Milch and Schärdinger cheese specialities.

Tirol Milch Urtyroler is made from the finest Tirolean farmers' milk. This premium mountain cheese speciality is matured for at least 12 months, which gives it an unmistakable flavour: strong, piquant and hearty. The protein crystals that are produced during the long maturing process highlight the uniqueness of this cheese speciality. A true pleasure for all the senses. Urtyroler also won the 2016 Käsekaiser in the "Innovations" category.

Tirol Alpzirler is carefully treated with red cultures throughout the course of its six-month ageing period. A Tirol hard cheese speciality made from the finest Tirolean farmers' milk. This gives Tirol Milch Alpzirler its strong, piquant and distinctive flavour, as well as its light yellow, smooth melting texture with the occasional round eye.

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