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12.11.2018 | Awards for best cheese products - Tirol Milch cheeses come out top

At the World Cheese Awards 2018/19 and the international Käsiade 2018, Tirol Milch cheese once again convinced the panel of international judges, as in previous years.

World Cheese Awards 2018/19

The World Cheese Awards recognizes the world’s best cheese products each year. 235 judges from 41 countries tasted cheeses from all over the world. There were almost 3,500 entries. In addition, Tirol MIlch received two silver awards for Tirol Milch Tiroler Alpzirler and Tirol Milch Alpine Emmental matured in natural rind, as well as three bronze awards for Tirol Milch Kaiser Max, Tirol Milch Andreas Hofer mountain cheese, and Tirol Milch Urtyroler.

International Käsiade 2018

The “14th International Cheese Olympics” were held in November in Hopfgarten, Tyrol. At the international competition, which only takes place every two years, Tirol Milch was awarded two gold medals, two silver medals, and one bronze medal for its cheese specialties.

The Käsiade has for years served as a meeting point for cheese professionals and a platform for international cheese culture. The cheese is rated by an international panel of judges, who pay particular attention to the flavor and
texture of the products.

• Gold for Tirol Milch Weinzirler, Tirol Milch Tiroler Felsenkeller
• Silver for Tirol Milch Kaiser Max, Tirol Milch Feiner Tiroler
• Bronze for Tirol Milch Andreas Hofer

Our gold winners:

Tirol Milch Weinzirler
Weinzirler is left to ripen for at least six months, during which it develops its distinctive strong and piquant flavor. The cheese is then refined with red wine for a further two days, which gives it its special taste and dark-red rind.

Tirol Milch Tiroler Felsenkeller Cheese
Tiroler Felsenkeller allows itself 200 days and 200 nights to mature into what makes it so incomparable. This cheese keeps its special character thanks to the unique maturing process in the natural stone cellars of Kitzbühel.

“These awards are only possible because our dairy farmers supply raw milk of the highest quality. The high proportion of green fodder in the rations and the use of exclusively European, GMO-free feed, as well as additional conditions for the health and well-being of animals, confirm that our quality strategy is effective,” says Gerald Kotzauer, Managing Director for Sales and Marketing.

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