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20.06.2016 | 2016 DLG Award for Tirol Milch

The Tirol Milch facility in Wörgl is one of Europe's longest running dairies and Austria's second largest cheese factory!

At this year's quality inspection by DLG in Germany, Tirol Milch yet again won several quality awards. DLG awards stand for the highest possible quality: All of the products that receive awards must pass laboratory tests along with preparation, packaging and labelling assessments. The sensory quality (appearance, consistency, smell and taste) is a deciding factor as to whether a product receives an award.


- Tirol Milch Urtyroler

Gold for Tirol Milch Urytoler, which also won a gold medal at the 2015-16 World Cheese Awards. Tirol Milch Urtyroler is made from the finest Tirolean farmers' milk. This premium mountain cheese speciality is matured for at least 12 months. A true pleasure for all the senses. Urtyroler also won the 2016 Käsekaiser in the "Innovations" category.

- Tirol Milch Tiroler Felsenkeller Cheese
- Tirol Milch Tiroler Adler
- Fine Tyrolean Semi-Hard Cheese

Tiroler Felsenkeller has been awarded by DLG several times since 2005 and won the Super Gold Medal at the World Cheese Awards in 2012. Tiroler Felsenkeller allows itself 200 days and 200 nights to mature into what makes it so incomparable. This cheese keeps its special character thanks to the unique maturing process in the natural stone cellars of Kitzbühel.

Tiroler Adler has also won awards from DLG since 2008. This cheese's trademark is its tangy, expressive character. A real down-to-earth Tyrolean that can develop its character quite calmly during its 9-month ripening period. Made from 100% GMO-free alpine farm milk, it develops into a smooth, slightly Parmesan-esque texture. Treated with fine red cultures, Tiroler Adler develops a very special tanginess and texture with increasing age.

- Kitzbüheler Mountain Cheese 45% FDM 150g
- Tyrolean Alpine Emmental Semi-Hard Cheese from Pasteurised Milk 45% FDM 150g
- Tyrolean Bergtilsiter Semi-Hard Cheese from Pasteurised Milk 45% FDM 150g

"This has only possible with the help of our dairy farmers, who supply us with the best quality GM-free raw milk, and our employees, who process this milk into the finest cheese," says managing director Josef Braunshofer.

"We are delighted that our cheese specialities have been rewarded once again, and it confirms the outstanding quality of our products," states managing director Josef Braunshofer.

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